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Do banks suggest rent-to-buy?

I have written previously about a claim about a Census question supports the legitimacy of rent-to-buy transactions. In this post I’m considering the claim that “even the banks are suggesting rent-to-buy”. I don’t claim that ‘rent-to-buy’ transactions aren’t legal. Most … Continue reading

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Acceptance of rent-to-buy – the Census question

“This proves rent-to-buy is accepted!” (Update August 2016 – In 2016 the words in the Census question were changed from “rent/buy scheme” to “shared-equity scheme” suggesting that my conclusion in this post – that the question never referred to vendor finance or … Continue reading

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“Rent to Buy” houses – what can go wrong?

Just google “rent to buy” and “win-win” – those phrases seem to just go together!   It just doesn’t always work out that way in reality. This is not legal advice and the problems listed here may not be relevant to … Continue reading

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