ACCC proceedings against Dominique Grubisa

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14/2/23 Court record shows lawyers acting for Grubisa (at least at this point) are Assure Lawyers. Assure Lawyers were previously DGI Lawyers. Grubisa was a director until she was banned from holding certain licences by ASIC in March 2022. Aolicitor Zeeshaan Nordien is sole director of Assure Lawyers. The firm is 50% owned by a business of which Kevin Grubisa (Dominique Grubisa’s husband) is sole director.

15/12/2022 Court action for alleged misleading representations. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issues proceedings in the Federal Court (NSW) against Master Wealth Control (trading as DG Institute) and Dominique Grubisa for making false or misleading representations in relation to Real Estate Rescue program and Master Wealth Control program. The three specific misrepresentations alleged by the ACCC are:

  • if a bank repossesses and sells a home, the homeowner loses all their equity because “banks don’t give change”.
  • the Vestey Trust was “bulletproof”, “impenetrable” and would result in students being “unable to be effectively pinned down by creditors”.
  • the Vestey Trust structure had been tested and upheld as effective by the Full Federal Court of Australia in case Sharrment

The Federal Court File Number is NSD1104/2022

For more detail of ACCC’s claim, see the ACCC’s statement provided to the Court.