Lead generation case study – Money-mate, Luke McAllister, Lead Frog

The Facebook ad from “Super Comparison” offers a “free superannuation comparison site”

Clicking through takes you to questions on site money-mate.com.au. Questions include name of your superannuation fund, approximate amount in your fund, your date of birth, street address, email address and phone number. There is no link to a privacy policy at this stage or any information about how your personal information will be used. After confirming your phone number with a verification code, you are advised that “one of our representatives” may be in contact.

(Updated 12/3/23) Money Mate Services is a licensed financial services authorised representative of Focused Financial Advice Pty Ltd. (I previously said that Money-mate doesn’t appear to have a financial services licence). However, it appears to be a lead generation company, selling personal information it collects to financial services businesses.

Luke McAllister is shown as the owner of the Money-Mate website. According to Linkedin, McAllister currently works at Money-Mate, Mortgage-Mate and Lead Frog.