Dominique Grubisa banned by ASIC for 4 years.

ASIC has banned Grubisa for four years from “engaging in credit activity, providing financial services, performing any function in a credit entity, or controlling a credit entity or financial services business”

ASIC found that Grubisa:

  • Represented that she and her company DGI Wealth held an Australian financial services licence and Australian credit licence when neither she nor DGI Wealth held those licences,
  • Represented that she was an ‘ASIC licenced debt specialist’, despite no such licence existing at that time,
  • Failed to rectify these misrepresentations despite being made aware they were false,
  • Was in the habit of stating she held licences when she did not and had a tendency to embellish her qualification to create credibility,
  • Encouraged her students to use data from the Family Court list for an improper purpose, such as to identify people in financial distress, with the hope of buying property under value,
  • Has a habit of not telling the truth, and
  • Failed to conduct herself with the professionalism of someone providing financial and credit services

Grubisa can appeal this decision.

This ban would prevent her being involved in providing credit or financial services, including debt management services. However, it remains to be seen how her other activities might be affected.

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