Lead generation case study – ‘Investor Comparison’ ‘Compare Investments’

This ad appears to lead to a scam, highlighting a major problem of lead generation ads that hide the name of the advertiser and any financial service licensee.

The ‘Learn more’ linked to a website, compare-investments.net. 

I provided my name and contact number.  Two days later a caller referred to my response to an ad, and when I asked, he gave the name of an actual financial services firm and identified himself as someone from that firm.  The name matched a senior portfolio manager of that firm.  When I asked who to contact if I had a complaint about the firm using this advertising, he gave me the website address of the firm and email contact details.

When I later contacted the company named, they said they had nothing to do with the call.  They said that while the name given matched a staff member, it was not that person who called me.  They said it would be reported to police.

Of course, you cannot be sure, but subsequent emails with the risk manager at the named business convinced me this was a scam.   A few weeks later the risk manager told me the business had received a call from a consumer about to invest who was checking to make sure she hadn’t fallen for a scam.  It appears that she had, but luckily had not yet ‘invested’ any funds.