Media – Dominique Grubisa, DG Institute

A very effective marketing machine sees Grubisa quoted as an expert in a range of articles about property and finance. Publications that quote her include Starts at 60, Australian Broker, Money Management, My Business, Tweed Daily News, Finance, – the list goes on.

Grubisa’s ‘rags to riches’ story was also eagerly picked up by a range of publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald. The story goes that the GFC wiped out the value of the barrister’s family’s $20 million investments to less than the debt, leaving her homeless and sleeping in her mother-in-law’s lounge [more recently on her website she says this was due to an “unexpected legal wrangle” putting a stranglehold on her cashflow]. Whether true or not, something convinced her that she could make more money spruiking courses than being a barrister. Within 6 months of being “homeless” Grubisa was on Channel 9’s A Current Affair promoting herself as the “Debt Busting Barrister”.

In 2020 however, some journalists have started to question Grubisa’s methods.

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